Respecting the environment is central to everything we do.
From the choice of our materials, to our investments, as well as our daily behaviour.

Greener printing techniques

From the technical point of view, the digitial process makes on-demand printing possible. Printing on a more regular basis but shorter print runs. Fewer unused products, so less waste and storage requirements. Our printing presses operate with minimal resources and produce minimum waste.

Choice and traceability of materials

We attach great importance to the choice and traceability of materials used in the production process. They must meet stringent ecological and performance criteria. Our suppliers are selected with the greatest care, and all our waste is recycled or processed by specialist companies.

Environmentally sustainable buildings

Even our workshops and the structure of our production system have been designed with this in mind. We use natural ventilation, recover the heat produced by the machines, and favour natural light to minimise our ecological footprint. Our offices were designed by P-L Rigaux and Matriciel, a renowned design and engineering company and a spin-off of UCL specialising in sustainable architecture.

FSC® Certification

The combination of all these elements has led to PR-Print holding FSC® certification for several years

The 10 FSC® Principles and Criteria

Principle 1: Compliance with Laws

The Organization shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations and nationally- ratified internationaltreaties, conventions and agreements.

Principle 2: Workers Rights and Employment Conditions

The Organization shall maintain or enhance the social and economic wellbeing of workers.

Principle 3: Indigenous Peoples’ Rights

The Organization shall identify and uphold* indigenous peoples’ legal and customary rights of ownership, use and management of land, territories and resources affected by management activities.

En Europe, ce sont les populations riveraines d’une forêt qui peuvent être associées à la certification concernant par exemple la cueillette des champignons, la promenade, etc.

Principle 4: Community Relations

The Organization shall contribute to maintaining or enhancing the social and economic wellbeing of local communities.

Principle 5: Benefits from the Forest

The Organization shall efficiently manage the range of multiple products and services of the Management Unit to maintain or enhance long term economic viability and the range of environmental and social benefits.

Principle 6: Environmental Values and Impacts

The Organization shall maintain, conserve and/or restore ecosystem services and environmental values of the Management Unit , and shall avoid, repair or mitigate negative environmental impacts.

Principle 7: Management Planning

The Organization shall have a management plan consistent with its policies and objectives and proportionate to scale, intensity and risks of its management activities. The management plan shall be implemented and kept up to date based on monitoring information in order to promote adaptive management. The associated planning and procedural documentation shall be sufficient to guide staff, inform affected stakeholders and interested stakeholders and to justify management decisions.

Principle 8: Monitoring and Assessment

The Organization shall demonstrate that, progress towards achieving the management objectives, the impacts of management activities and the condition of the Management Unit , are monitored and evaluated proportionate to the scale, intensity and risk of management activities, in order to implement adaptive management.

Principle 9: High Conservation Values

The Organization shall maintain and/or enhance the High Conservation Values in the Management Unit through applying the precautionary approach.

Principle 10: Implementation of Management Activities

Management activities conducted by or for The Organization for the Management Unit shall be selected and implemented consistent with The Organization’s economic, environmental and social policies and objectives and in compliance with the Principles and Criteria collectively.

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